Sandwich - Base & Top Coat

Sandwich - Base & Top Coat

da 9.40

SIZE: 5 ml - 10 ml

COVER: transparent.

FINISH: sliding.

FORMULA: Reinforcing and anti-yellowing formula, with oxygen-based active agents and special resins that improve nail adhesion. Without toluene and formaldehyde.

DESCRIPTION: Multifunctional product 2 in 1, it can be used as a base before enamel application, as well as top coat to complete the manicure. Dries quickly. It guarantees long-term professional performance.

APPLICATION: apply Nee Sandwich before enamel application. Wait for the complete drying and proceed by applying the enamel. Complete the manicure by applying Nee Sandwich as a top coat. The product can also be used alone to get a natural shiny look.

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