Olio Struccante - Cleansing Oil

Olio Struccante - Cleansing Oil


SIZE: 50 ml

SKIN TYPE: all skin types.

TEXTURE: delicate.

FORMULA: Lightweight textured oil. Removes every make-up traces in a delicate and effective way. Also indicated for waterproof make-up.

DESCRIPTION: cleansing oil and facial cleanser, with delicate and silky formula. Cleans and protects the epidermis by effectively removing impurities and makeup. Leave your skin cool, soft and bright. A single product with exfoliating and cleansing action. Rinse with warm water after use.

APPLICATION: pour a few drops of product into the palm of your hand and massage gently on the dry skin of your face. Wait a minute. Add some drops of warm water to emulsify, the oil will create a soft white foam. Rinse with plenty of lukewarm water.

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