Stay Cream Eyeshadow

Stay Cream Eyeshadow



EFFECT: Modifiable.

TEXTURE: Metallic and silky.

FORMULA: Extremely silky, velvety texture, enriched with vitamin A and E, which help to reduce the depth of the wrinkles. Waterproof effect.

DESCRIPTION: shades of light and intense, highly blurred shades. He looks gloomy with a monochrome veil or plays with overlays to create endless variations. Different application uses, can be used as a base on the eyelid or as eyeliner by metallic finish. The product is enclosed in a precious glass jar, which we recommend to close carefully after use, to better preserve the sensoriality of the product.

APPLICATION: Take the product slightly by tapping with the flat side of the brush included in the package, without digging.

• Application as eyeliner: On the upper eyelid, draw a line from the inside out, holding the brush perpendicular to the eyelid. Turn the tip toward the inner corner of the eye, rounded side adhering to the base of the eyelashes. On the lower eyelid, start the stretch outward, inward. Point the tip of the brush toward the outer corner of the eye.

• Application as a base on the entire eyelid: Apply uniformly to the eyelid with the rounded brush facing upwards, from inside outwards and then from the outside to the inside.

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