Cheeks & Lips Cherry

Cheeks & Lips Cherry



SKIN TYPE: for all skin types

TEXTURE: modulable cream effect

FORMULA: formula with dermo-related active ingredients for an awesome make-up result. Emollient and protective action for skin and lips.

DESCRIPTION: Blush cheeks and lips, for an immediate brightness, with a light moisturizing and illuminating finish. Its texture blends with the skin leaving a veil of color effect bonne mine. Two-in-one multifunctional product, for a total look that is easy to make and for quick adjustments during the day.

APPLICATION: apply directly on the cheekbone and quickly fade with the fingertips. Apply to lips, tapping the color from the center of the mouth to the sides for the upper lip, and from the corners to the center of the lower lip. For a natural and luminous look, apply on the cheekbones combined with Nude Glow Serum

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