Eyebrow Marker & Shimmer

Eyebrow Marker & Shimmer


Format: 2 g + 2 g

EFFECT: soft and glossy stretch.

FINISH: sliding - matte or shiny.

FORMULA: Delicate formula, soft and soft texture, easy to blend.

DESCRIPTION: illuminated pencil-eyeshadow, available in shimmer & matte version. It illuminates the bushy arcade giving a full or satin effect, ideal for the evening, or a matte effect, perfect for day makeup. Ergonomic, easy-to-use packaging with integrated fade, ideal for shading the product without the help of additional brushes.

APPLICATION: Apply the product under the bushy face and blend. Nee Make Up recommends that you apply a touch of Eyebrow Marker over the cheekbone and blur, to give you more appeal to the look.

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